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Table of Contents
Section 01: Introduction
Section 02: Nlets Security Policy
Section 03: Message Structure
Section 04: Administrative Messages
Section 05: Help File Transactions
Section 06: ORION
Section 07: Generic Messages
Section 08: Error Messages
Section 09: Status Messages
Section 10: Random Access to Nlets Data (RAND)
Section 11: Homeland Security
Section 12: Vehicle Registration Transactions
Section 13: Driver License Transactions
Section 14: Driver History Transactions
Section 15: Criminal History Record Information Transactions (CHRI)
Section 16: Hit Confirmation Transactions
Section 17: Parole, Probation, Corrections Transactions
Section 18: Sex Offender Registration Transactions
Section 19: Immigration Alien Transactions
Section 20: Road-Weather Transactions
Section 21: Boat Registration Transactions
Section 22: Bulk Cash Transactions
Section 23: Snowmobile Registration Transactions
Section 24: Hazardous Material File
Section 25: FAA Aircraft Registration System
Section 26: Commercial Vehicle Information
Section 27: National Insurance Crime Bureau and National Vehicle Services and Locator
Section 28: License Plate Reader
Section 29: National Drug Pointer Index System
Section 30: Concealed Weapons Permit Information
Section 31: Wildlife Violation and License File
Section 32: Communicating with Canada
Section 33: Communicating with Mexico
Section 34: Amber Alert
Section 35: INTERPOL Transactions
Section 36: International Fuel Tax Association Transactions (IFTA)
Section 37: State Warrant Transactions
Section 38: LEO Flying Armed Transactions
Section 39: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Section 40: Access to Social Security Information
Section 41: Alarm Exchange Transactions
Section 42: LEISS
Section 43: LoJack Transactions
Section 44: National Stolen Vehicle Feed
Section 45: Railroad Crossing Transactions
Section 46: TASER Transactions
Section 47: VIN Check
Section 48: Targeted Interstate Photo Sharing (TIPS) Photolink
Section 49: Charge Code Transactions


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