Section 48: Targeted Interstate Photo Sharing (TIPS) Photolink

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Nlets has had image support for quite some time. The Nlets Targeted Interstate Photo Sharing (TIPS) project provided funding for several states to program to support images from Nlets. The capability allows the state to extend images of wanted persons, missing children, vehicles, identifying scars, marks and tattoos, and other critical images to officers on the street. In addition to funding state switch enhancements, the project also included Nlets Photolink. Photolink allows for a state or federal agency that cannot accept images to still have access to the images contained in the Nlets AM, AML and AA message keys via the Internet.

For every Administrative Message (AM/AML) or Amber Alert (AA) message that contains an image:

  1. Nlets will create an image cache in a secure file server within the Nlets datacenter.
  2. Nlets will provide a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) link to include in the message to the user.
  3. Any user without image capability will be able to receive the link and click on it (or cut and paste it into a browser.)
  4. The URL will open a webpage prompting the user for their ORI and Control Field.
  5. The user will need to enter their information and hit Request Password.
  6. The user will then receive an Nlets AM message containing a one-time use password.
  7. The password will allow them to view the image one time. Subsequent views will each need a new password.

Example below (Note: States that have image capability will receive the image and the image link. States without image capability will continue to have the image stripped and just be provided the link.)

Sample AM message, clicking on the link will bring you to the Photolink repository.


Here the user will input their ORI and Control Field and click “Request Password”


The user will then receive a password via AM message


Once they have the password – Clicking the link and entering the password will display the image.


For more information on TIPS, please contact the Nlets Control Center at 800-528-4020



Download AM Schema

Download AML Schema

Download AM Stylesheet

Download AML Stylesheet