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General Person Query (GPQ/GPR)

The Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service (LEISS) is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implementation of the LEISP Exchange Standard (LEXS), version 3.1.4. This document is a guide to LEISS, and describes search criteria, search results and detail results.

The audience for this document includes business owners and end users, as well as technical staff responsible for implementation of LEISS or its client applications. The non-technical audience will want to read the summaries, definitions, and perhaps the examples. They may safely skip the XQuery sections, which are intended for the technical audience only.

The major sections are self-explanatory. Search Criteria defines the set of terms that may be included in a search request. Search Results define the possible data values that may be returned in response to a search request. Such results contain zero or more sets of values, called packages. Detail Results define the possible data values that may be returned in response to a Detail request, which identifies a single record shared by DHS.

Search Criteria


A Search Request of LEISS may contain any of the following:

  • Name
    • Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Middle Name (at least one required)
    • Date of Birth (optional with name)
  • Identifying Number
    • Social Security Number, Passport Number, Alien Number
  • Address
    • Full Address, Number, Street, Secondary Unit, City, State, Country, Postal Code
    • Geographic Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude)
  • Incident
    • Activity Number


A search request message contains one or more queries.

The queries contained in a search message are valid if each query is valid.

A query is valid if it is a valid person query, or valid location query, or valid activity query.

A person query is valid if it contains a valid name, zero or more valid aliases, a birth date (when a name or alias is present), or valid identifier.

A name is valid if it contains a full name, or first name, or middle name, or last name.

Aliases are valid if every alias is a valid name.

An identifier is valid if it is a passport number, or alien number, or social security number.

A location query is valid if it contains a full address, or valid structured address, or valid geographical coordinates.

A structured address is valid if it contains a valid street, or secondary unit, or city, or state, or postal code, or country.

A street is valid if it contains a complete street name, or a structured street name consisting of name, or number, or pre-text, or category or post-text.

Geographical coordinates are valid if each coordinate contains a valid latitude or a valid longitude.

A latitude is valid if it contains a degree, or minute, or second.

A longitude is valid if it contains a degree, or minute, or second.

An activity query is valid if it contains an activity number.

A detail response message contains zero or more results.

Results are contained in packages, each of which contains a digest, structured payload or attachment link.

A digest may contain persons, locations, activities or associations.

A person result may contain aliases, date of birth, country of citizenship, eye color, hair color, height, name, passport number, race, social security number, weight, driver license number, FBI number, or alien number.

A location may contain a street, city, state, country or postal code.

An activity may contain an activity number, a date, or a description of the activity.

An association may contain a person-facial image association, a person-image association, a person-activity association, or person-location association.

A structured payload may contain zero or more Persons, each with an IDENT number.

An attachment link may contain a URI, indicator of viewability or description of format.



Download GPQ Schema

Download GPR Schema

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