Section 22: Bulk Cash Transactions

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** BCQ is no longer supported as of July 11, 2014 **

Bulk Cash Transactions (BCQ/BCR)


The purpose of the Bulk Cash Smuggling transaction is to identify persons and/or vehicles involved in the illicit transportation or smuggling of bulk currency or monetary instruments. The inquiry will provide basic identifying information to the National Bulk Cash Smuggling Center, where analysts and agents will search available DHS (Department of Homeland Security) law enforcement databases and return positive or negative results based on the information provided.

The response will include information on the following:

  • The direction, date, and location of a person's most recent border crossing.
  • The direction, date, and location of a vehicle's most recent border crossing.
  • The value (if any) of the currency declaration made (if any) incident to the most recent border crossing.
  • The existence of an investigative interest in the person and/or vehicle, and the point of contact information for the investigative record holder.
  • A determination of whether the subject is legally or illegally present in the United States.
  • Additional remarks relevant to the request, or to any of the above five categories of information.

This resource enables access to real-time data to Nlets members responsible for contraband interdiction and enforcement of federal, state, and local financial regulations and related criminal laws. All information obtained via the Nlets system may be used only for criminal justice purposes. Improper use could result in suspension or complete termination of Nlets access.