Section 07: Generic Messages

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Generic Messages (LQ/LR)

This section describes generic transactions which provide Nlets users with the capability to inquire on other state's unique databases. Some state files may not be of nationwide value or availability; however nearby states may benefit from access to these files.

Generic Message Requirements

There are no specific formats to allow automated access and response for generic transactions. All coordination is the responsibility of the states.

Rules have been kept to a minimum due to the general nature of the LQ/LR message:

The standard Nlets header must be used for both XML and Legacy messages.

Only a single 2 or 9 character address may be used.

XML inquiries and responses will use the following element to identify the message type for both queries and responses:

Legacy inquiries must use LQ as the message key, while the responses must use LR as the message key.

XML Message Type: Legacy Message Type: Description:
LQ. Generic query
LR. Generic response

Generic Message Example

New York may have implemented a widget registration file. There may be definite benefits in New Jersey accessing this file. To implement such a capability nationwide is not feasible at this time. Therefore, representatives from New Jersey and New York coordinate an effort to allow access through Nlets utilizing the generic message transaction (LQ/LR).

Nlets will not edit the text of the message (LQ) so New Jersey may include whatever information is required by the receiving state.

They may put an embedded message key and data elements that match New York's internal message formats.

New York will dissect the message, query their widget registration file and return the response over Nlets under the generic message key (LR).



GJXDM has been deprecated. Please contact Nlets for additional assistance with GJXDM.



Generic Message NIEM Specifications

This section includes format specifications and an example of a NIEM generic transaction (LQ/LR).

There are no edits or requirements on generic message queries and responses, other than standard Nlets NIEM formatting. A generic message can be sent to any 2 or 9 character destination and should adhere to the rules set up between agencies for any specific generic transactions.

All Nlets NIEM messages must be based on the Nlets NIEM Message Structure and include the standard Nlets XML Header as detailed in Message Structure. The NIEM header and hierarchy of the elements in this section have been omitted to avoid redundancy. The associated schemas and instances should be consulted to determine the correct XPaths of the elements.

Element Dictionary

Transaction types detailed below include: Generic Message Query (LQ) and Generic Message Response (LR).

Query Formats

Generic Message Query (LQ)
This element will contain all elements specific to this transaction.

  This element contains free text. Include personal descriptors (name, sex) with other relevant data (case
  number, booking number, state ID, miscellaneous number) followed by any additional free text.

Response Formats

Generic Message Response (LR)


  This element will contain the free text response. Nlets recommends the use of


tags to

  ensure that the response does not contain any characters illegal in XML.

Generic Message NIEM Examples

Example 1: A Generic Message sent to Arizona.

<n2:NLETS xmlns:nh2="" n2:version="4.00" xmlns:nc="" xmlns:n2="">
  <n2:NLETSInquiryData n2:key="LQ">
    <n2:InquiryDescriptionText>INQUIRY DATA</n2:InquiryDescriptionText>

Example 2: A Generic Response from Arizona.

<n2:NLETS xmlns:nh2="" n2:version="4.00" xmlns:nc="" xmlns:n2="">
  <n2:NLETSResponseData n2:key="LR">
    <n2:ResponseText>RESPONSE DATA</n2:ResponseText>



Generic Message Legacy Specifications

This section includes format specifications and examples of a Legacy Generic message (LQ/LR)

Query Formats

To send a Generic Message, enter the following:

Entry # Char. Explanation
Message Type 2-4 2 to 4 character message type followed by a period
Sender ORI 9 Sender ORI followed by a period
Destination ORI 2 2-character code designating the physical location of the
representative followed by a period.
TXT 3 Fixed field prefix to beginning of message.

Message elements example:

Entry Explanation
"LQ." 2-4 character message type followed by a period
NJ0000000. Sender's ORI (9 character ORI) followed by a period
NY Destination ORI followed by a period
TXT Text (always preceded by "TXT")
WIDGET.SER/5850494 Message
Generic Message Legacy Examples

Example 1: A Generic Message sent to Arizona.


Example 2: A Generic Response from Arizona.

09:51 09/26/2011 00055
09:51 09/26/2011 00267 AZNLETS20



Download LQ Schema

Download LR Schema

Download LR Stylesheet